Print Design, AAPA

Problem Statement: AAPA needed materials to be designed for networking (business cards), promotion (brochure), and donation (sponsorship form) purposes. These materials needed to brand AAPA effectively, convey AAPA’s key messages, and utilize consistent colors, fonts, and logos.

My Strategy: I re-designed AAPA’s business cards, and created a new brochure and sponsorship form set that spoke to AAPA’s professionalism and business expertise. I developed and edited key messaging. I also utilized bold color (re-branded), block organization layout, color opacity, and plenty of visuals that showcased AAPA’s membership, speakers, and events
Organization: AAPA (Asian American Professional Association)

Services: Print design, writing, layout
Business cards:


AAPA old business card_p1
AAPA old business card_p2


Portfolio_AAPA business card_p1
Portfolio_AAPA business card_p2
Portfolio_AAPA brochure p1
Portfolio_AAPA brochure p2

2018-19 Sponsorship Packet

2018-19 AAPA sponsorship packet p1
2018-19 AAPA sponsorship packet p1
2018-19 AAPA sponsorship packet p3
2018-19 AAPA sponsorship packet p4

2017-18 Sponsorship Packet

2017-18 AAPA sponsorship packet p1
2017-18 AAPA sponsorship packet p2
2017-18 AAPA sponsorship packet p3
2017-18 AAPA sponsorship packet p4
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