Website Design, AAPA

Problem Statement: AAPA (Asian American Professional Association) needed a new re-branded website that effectively reflected the breadth of its programs and had strong visual appeal. The website also needed to be mobile-friendly, responsive, and secure.

My strategy (and why): I conducted a website audit, focused on target audiences, and researched areas to provide greater functionality. I re-designed the website to be more accessible, simple, clear and bold. I edited and wrote new content and utilized imagery that catered more specifically to AAPA’s target audiences. I enhanced the functionality of the website by adding a membership portal, user insights database, donation page, event page, and a get involved page. In addition, I updated AAPA’s color theme and logo to include more bold and vivid colors.


Organization: AAPA

Services: Website design, re-branding
AAPA Website: Before
AAPA Website: Before
AAPA Website: Before
AAPA Website: Before



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