Website Design, Home of Angels

Problem Statement: Home of Angels needed to re-design its website for the purposes of re-branding and reaching its target audiences. They also needed a volunteering page (including a Home of Angels Cares logo), donation page, and a get involved section.

My strategy (and why): I conducted a website audit, researched target audiences, and identified areas to improve. I edited and wrote new content and utilized imagery that catered more specifically to its target audiences. I re-designed the website to include simpler navigation, bolder fonts, more colors, re-organization of key content, and more visuals. The website also included greater functionality, including functionality to RSVP for events, sign up for programs, sign up as an intern or volunteer, donate and get involved. I also designed a sponsorship form for Home of Angel’s fundraising outreach.

Date: April 2017 – June 2017
Organization: Home of Angels
Services: Website design, re-branding, print design
Home of Angels Website: Before
Home of Angels Website: Before



Home of Angels Website

     Home of Angels Cares page

Home of Angels Website

     Donate page

Home of Angels Website

     Get Involved Section

Home of Angels Website

Goal: The goal of the website re-design was to re-brand the Home of Angels website, increase awareness about and interest in the organization, and showcase Home of Angels’ opportunities (e.g. special needs
programs, volunteer/intern program, donation opportunities, and events).

Final Results: As a result, visitors to the website increased from less than 100 visits per month in the 3 months prior to launch, to an average of 2,000 visits per month in the 3 months after launch. Home of Angels saw a 40% increase in the total number of interested program participants, parents, volunteers, and potential donors through the website.

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