Website Design, Live2Lead Alhambra

Problem Statement: ActCamps launched Live2Lead Alhambra, a half-day leadership development experience for those who were passionate about becoming leaders and seeking to make a shift. ActCamps needed an event landing page to educate and attract potential guests, clients, and supporters. The webpage needed to be simple, easy to navigate, and clear in purpose. In addition, ActCamps needed a registration page and event flyer.

My strategy (and why): Utilizing Donald Miller’s eight key steps from ‘StoryBrand,’ I analyzed ActCamps’ audience and identified challenges, wants, and needs. I also identified how Live2Lead could be the guide, help the audience to avoid failure, and end up with success and transformation. The content had to be clear, strategic and definitive. The website, registration page, and flyer included all eight StoryBrand steps. The design included simple navigation, contrasting colors, and visuals.

Organization: ActCamps

Services: Website design; marketing strategy; print design

     Live2Lead Alhambra Webpage

     Live2Lead Alhambra Flyer

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